The Man Who Saved The World

Now and again called Turkish Star Wars, and furthermore known as Super Adam Who Saved Earth, Space Hero Lion Man or Turkish Lionman. This is a finished remove from Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers’79, Flash Gordon’80, The Black Hole and Raiders of the Lost Ark all folded into one astonishing chaos. Has a great deal of stock film lifted from old trailers for Star Wars, The Magic Sword and others; While additionally showing ensembles that look like Flash Gordon’s Ming, Star Wars’ Darth Vader and Galactica’s Cylon Centurions. Two star are guarding Earth in a space fight and are shot down on a desert planet where they discover a bar brimming with elastic covered outsiders and individuals living under slave conditions. There is such an elastic variant of Robby The Robot who is the master for the Ming like ruler. A significant number of the cushioned elastic ensembles review the film Super Inframan and it has a general comparative feel. There are blasts happening wherever the characters turn and some extremely weird combative techniques type battle and afterward some living mummy’s really appear in an Indiana Jones-like cavern grouping.


  • Cüneyt Arkın as Murat
  • Aytekin Akkaya as Ali
  • Necla Fide as Queen
  • Hüseyin Peyda as Bilgin
  • Hikmet Taşdemir as Sihirbaz

Directed by Çetin İnanç and written by Cüneyt Arkın

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