The Lucy Show

The first reason of the arrangement was that widow Lucy Carmichael lives in the anecdotal town of Danfield, New York, with her high school little girl Chris and more youthful child Jerry, with her separated from companion Vivian “Viv” Bagley and Bagley’s young child Sherman as inhabitants. Early scenes incorporated their nearby neighbor, Harry Connors. Lucy’s late spouse left her a generous trust support, oversaw by a neighborhood broker (initially repeating character Mr. Barnsdahl, and later standard character Mr. Mooney); Lucy would as often as possible attempt to convince the bank to let her attack the reserve for different buys or imbecilic tasks. Lucy likewise took on different employments to support her funds. Lucy, Viv, and Chris all dated consistently, yielding extra feed for plots; in early scenes, Viv had an ordinary beau, Eddie Collins.

In 1965, the show was broadly retooled for its fourth season. Lucy moves to Los Angeles to be nearer to Chris, who was going to school in California (however no longer showed up on the show), and selects Jerry in a military life experience school there (encouraging his likewise being worked out). Viv, presently remarried as Vivian Bunson, stays in Danfield with Sherman, yet visited Lucy a couple of times; Lucy’s new closest companion is Mary Jane Lewis. Lucy finds that Mr. Mooney has been moved to the Los Angeles part of the bank, and she in the long run turns into his representative there. The new setting gave sufficient chance to big names to show up as themselves, regularly getting caught in Lucy’s goofy plans. References to Lucy’s youngsters and her trust finance were in the long run dropped, and this remained the show’s reason through the 6th and last season.

  • Lucille Ball
  • Vivian Vance
  • Gale Gordon
  • Mary Jane Croft
  • Candy Moore
  • Ralph Hart
  • Jimmy Garrett

Directed By:

  • Jack Donohue
  • Maury Thompson

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