Naked Massacre

Inexactly dependent on the infamous Richard Speck kills, this is the dreary story of an upset Vietnam vet getting back through Belfast, who attacks a house shared by eight medical attendants and continues to threaten and kill them.

  • Mathieu Carrière as Cain Adamson
  • Debra Berger as Bridget
  • Christine Boisson as Christine
  • Myriam Boyer as Leila
  • Leonora Fani as Jenny
  • Ely Galleani as Pam
  • Carole Laure as Amy
  • Eva Mattes as Catherine
  • Andrée Pelletier as Eileen
Directed byDenis Héroux
Produced byPeter Fink (producer)
Georg M. Reuther (producer)
Written byFred Denger (writer)
Denis Héroux (writer)
Géza von Radványi (screenplay)
Géza von Radványi (story)
Clement Woods (writer)

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