Otherwise known as: “Prisoner In The Middle” A weapons master is hesitantly sent determined to a center east combat area, find a lost atomic warhead and disassemble it before it falls into inappropriate hands. Be that as it may, before he can finish his work, he is brought detainee and pushed into the contention, and ends up paying special mind to something beyond the warhead. Featuring: David Janssen

Psychological militants explode a school transport in the Middle East, slaughtering everybody on board with the exception of the military watchman, Lt Liora who recognizes the Palestinian Major Malouf as driving the activity.

An Israeli military activity with Liora along to distinguish Malouf embarks to discover the fear mongers. In the interim, a US Air Force Colonel named Stevens, who is an atomic arms master, is parachuted into the desert to incapacitate an atomic bomb that has incidentally dropped out of a plane flying over the territory. He and the military activity in the end meet and conflict over thoughts as the activity choose to claim the nuke. All through the film, the activity seeks after the fear-based oppressors, and the nuke master Stevens becomes familiar with mankind through his relationship with Liora. At long last, all the psychological oppressors and activity individuals bite the dust from different battles. Stevens alone endures and reviews his newly discovered disclosure of the affection for mankind. The nuke is left in the desert, probably defused by another nuke master.


John O’Connor


Buddy Ruskin (screenplay), Patrick Foulk (story)


David Janssen, Karin Dor, Christopher Stone

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