Teenage Zombies

Julie and Pam go out for an evening of water skiing on a pleasant day. They come shorewards on an island that is being utilized as a testing place for a researcher and operators from “an eastern force.” They try to transform the individuals of the United States into effortlessly controlled zombie-like animals. The operators take Reg’s pontoon, abandoning the adolescents on the island. The four companions are then held hostage in confines capable just to conjecture on their destiny. Despite the fact that they have just been trying the recipe on convicts and lushes, the foe researcher and operators intend to lead last tests on the teenagers before they use it on the remainder of America. In the interim, two of their companions, whom the hostages had wanted to meet later, look for their missing companions. After a progression of dubious experiences, they ask the degenerate sheriff to look through the island where their companions are caught.


Don Sullivan, Katherine Victor, Steve Conte

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