The Blood Of Jesus

The Blood of Jesus (1941) is a great case of the “race movie” kind of movies by African-American executives and throws, designed only for an African-American crowd. This movie, composed and coordinated by Spencer William Jr. of the TV show Amos and Andy Show (who likewise played Razz Williams in the film), is a profound quality story about a lady (Cathryn Caviness) who is coincidentally shot to death by her significant other. Confronting demise, she should pick between Hell, spoke to as urban life, and Zion, spoke to as peaceful America, and among Satan and God. The peak comes when she settles on her choice at the foot of the cross and awakens to singing of her congregation ensemble. Proposed to advance a Black Southern Baptist perfect of a highminded rustic life, the film was a significant achievement and the most mainstream hit in its classification.


Cathryn Caviness, Spencer Williams, Juanita Riley

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