Family Enforcer

Subsequent to being endlessly for a long time, Jerry Bolanti (Joseph Cortese) is back in his extreme, North Jersey neighborhood, near marshy meadowlands where bodies get pulled from the trunks of vehicles and dumped.

He’s lacking in real money, so a neighborhood chief, Anthony Iadavia (Lou Criscuolo), tosses him some work – as an authority and a robbery man.

In any case, Jerry’s arrogant and a firebrand, so he makes adversaries quicker than he can convey on the employments.

Whatever pack or instance of money he contacts doesn’t appear to make it back to Iadavia. Yet, Jerry’s flexible and persevering, so he just may get his vengeance just as an opportunity to go train outdoors with his young lady.

  • Joseph Cortese as Jerry Bolanti
  • Lou Criscuolo as Anthony Iadavia (billed as Lou Criscuola)
  • Joe Pesci as Joe
  • Bobby Alto as Serge

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