Cat-Women of the Moon

A logical undertaking to the Moon experiences a race of feline ladies, the last overcomers of a multi-year-old lunar human advancement. Living profound inside a Moon natural hollow, where they have figured out how to keep up not just the remainders of breathable air and Earth-like gravity, yet in addition a couple of tremendous Moonspiders, the feline ladies wear dark unitards, have bee sanctuary haircuts, and wear expand beautifying agents. Understanding that their outstanding environment will before long be depleted, the feline ladies intend to take the endeavor’s spaceship, move to Earth, and in the expressions of the feline ladies’ sovereign, Alpha (Carol Brewster), “We will get their ladies under our capacity, and soon we will manage the entire world”!

  • Sonny Tufts as Laird Grainger
  • Victor Jory as Kip Reissner
  • Marie Windsor as Helen Salinger
  • William Phipps as Doug Smith

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