Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

A group of space explorers crashes on the outside of Venus. Joined by their robot, they investigate the surface and wind up devastating the Venusian God. This film is otherwise called “The Gill Women” and “The Gill Women of Venus”.

This film started life as a Soviet-delivered work. An American maker at that point included some new film and changed the credits to conceal the film’s Soviet birthplace. The first film, “Planeta Bur”, is otherwise called “Cosmonauts on Venus”, “Planet of Storms”, “Planet of Tempests”, “Planeta Burg”, and “Tempest Planet”. A significant part of the film “Planeta Bur” was additionally fused into the “American” film “Journey to the Prehistoric Planet”.

This film has appeared in “Pathe” shading, which is basically only a technique for putting shading channels over a high contrast film. Therefore, the shading that you see isn’t the genuine nature of the sets yet rather speaks to a “translation” of a high contrast unique.

Aldo Romani
Margot Hartman
Irene Orton
Pam Helton
Frankie Smith

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