The Incredible Petrified World

The Incredible Petrified World is a 1960 sci-fi movie coordinated by Jerry Warren and featuring John Carradine and Robert Clarke. The film is around four pilgrims who travel down into the profundities of the ocean and get abandoned in a submerged sinkhole. While holding back to be safeguarded, the gathering stumbles into an insane old mariner named Matheny who’s been living in the cavern for quite a long time. They discover a spoiling skeleton of another mariner, whom they learn was killed by Matheny. The remainder of the story manages their endeavors to get away and come back to the surface world.

The film was really finished by Warren in 1957, however, it stayed unreleased until it was appropriated in April 1960[3] on a twofold component with Warren’s Teenage Zombies.

  • John Carradine as Dr. Millard Wyman
  • Robert Clarke as Craig Randall
  • Allen Windsor as Paul Whitmore
  • Phyllis Coates as Dale Marshall

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