Goro, an excavator who is managers at the Kitamatsu Mines, is needed for homicide. His sister, Kyo, is locked into one of the mine’s firefighters, Shigeru. The body of the man Goro was seen having a debate before was found… torn to shreds. At that point, more bodies fire turning up in a similar manner. It is before long found that ancient bugs, known as Meganulon, are liable for the appalling violations that have occurred. The specialists attempt their best to stop these hatchlings – however with little achievement. To exacerbate the situation… for delving excessively somewhere down in the mines a mammoth egg is uncovered. It incubates and out comes a goliath, completely developed types of pteranodon called RODAN!!! The tremendous fledgling eats the bugs and picks humanity to be its next decision of food? Can this threatening beast of the past be halted?

  • Kenji Sahara as Shigeru Kawamura, Mining Engineer
  • Yumi Shirakawa as Kiyo, Goro’s Sister
  • Akihiko Hirata as Kyoichiro Kashiwagi, Doctor of Paleontology

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