Hercules And The Tyrants Of Babylon

Aspatria, Queen of the Hellenes, has been caught by the Babylonians, yet she figures out how to conceal her character and lives as a typical slave in Babylon. Hercules, played by Peter Lupus (credited as Rock Stevens), is sent to free her. The Babylonian slave owners start to hear bits of gossip and accounts of a solitary man who can conquer any military he faces. Aspatria contrives with another captive to communicate something specific of her whereabouts to Hercules, who before long is going towards Babylon.

  • Rock Stevens/Peter Lupus : Hercules
  • Anna-Maria Polani : Asparia, queen of Hellenes
  • Helga Liné : Taneal
  • Mario Petri: Phaleg, king of Assyrians

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