White Zombie

White Zombie is viewed as the primary full-length zombie film. A spin-off, Revolt of the Zombies, opened in 1936. Current gathering to White Zombie has been increasingly positive. A few pundits have commended the film’s air and contrasted it with the 1940s blood and gore movies of Val Lewton, while others despite everything have horrible suppositions on the nature of the acting.

  • Bela Lugosi as “Murder” Legendre, a white Haitian voodoo master who commands a crew of zombies
  • Madge Bellamy as Madeleine Short, Neil Parker’s fiancée, who is turned into a zombie by Legendre
  • Joseph Cawthorn as Dr. Bruner: a missionary preacher
  • Robert W. Frazer as Charles Beaumont, a plantation owner who is in love with Madeleine

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