Battle Of The Worlds

Dr. Fred Steele (Umberto Orsini) and Eve Barnett (Maya Brent) cooperate at a cosmic station on a rural island. Steele has recently had his solicitation for an exchange affirmed, and he and Eve anticipate leaving the island and getting hitched. Notwithstanding, their sprouting sentiment is immediately required to be postponed as the station’s researchers learn they should manage a maverick planet—”The Outsider”— that has entered the close planetary system, and which is on a crash course with Earth. The splendid yet bearish Professor Benson (Claude Rains), living in an adjoining nursery with his pooch Gideon, predicts that the Outsider won’t strike the Earth however will just make a nearby pass—a forecast that no other researcher will underwrite. In the interim, an army installation on Mars experiences the wanderer planet on its way to deal with Earth, and Commander Robert Cole and his significant other Cathy rapidly travel to the island station from Mars to help with the exertion.

  • Claude Rains as Professor Benson
  • Bill Carter as Cmdr. Robert Cole
  • Umberto Orsini as Dr. Fred Steele
  • Maya Brent as Eve Barnett
  • Jacqueline Derval as Mrs. Collins

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