Jack And The Beanstock

Abbott and Costello’s version of Jack and Beanstalk

Mr. Dinkle and Jack (Abbott and Costello) search for work at the Cosman Employment Agency. Jack makes advances to Cosman worker Polly (Dorothy Ford), yet he is defeated by the appearance of her beau, a transcending cop (Buddy Baer). Polly relegates Dinkle and Jack to keep an eye on Eloise Larkin’s sibling and newborn child sister, while Eloise (Shaye Cogan) and her life partner (James Alexander) are out for the night. Keeping an eye on are confounded by the way that Donald (David Stollery) is something of a wonder, just as a self-declared “issue kid”. The dull-witted Jack is before long bulldozed by the youngster, and an endeavor to quiet the kid to rest by perusing the fantasy Jack and the Beanstalk (Jack’s “most loved novel”) so anyone might hear bombs when Jack bumbles over the bigger words. Confounded by Jack’s inadequacy, Donald peruses the story rather—a job inversion made total when Jack nods off as Donald peruses. In his sleep, Jack dreams that he is the youthful Jack of the fantasy.


  • Bud Abbott as Mr. Dinkle/Mr. Dinklepuss
  • Lou Costello as Jack/Jack Strong
  • Dorothy Ford as Polly/The housekeeper/Receptionist
  • Buddy Baer as The Giant/Sgt. Riley

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