Lady Gangster

Dorothy “Dot” Burton (Faye Emerson) is a member of a gang of bank robbers. Utilizing her gentility and a charming canine gave her by her male companions who dognapped him, she can enter a bank before opening time, leaving the entryway open and the bank monitor holding her pooch, hence empowering an effective burglary. At the point when police meddle with the escape she blacks out and announces her guiltlessness, be that as it may, the police have solid questions as “her” hound won’t go to her and has an alternate name on his neckline than what she calls him. After she admits to her part in the theft, she is sent to ladies’ jail where she makes adversaries of individual detainees looking for a lot of the cash.

  • Faye Emerson as Dorothy Drew Burton
  • Julie Bishop as Myrtle Reed
  • Frank Wilcox as Kenneth Phillips
  • Roland Drew as Carey Wells
  • Jackie Gleason as Wilson

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